Thursday, August 5, 2010

Music and Dance

Carnatic Music is usually used for BharatNatyam, although there have been many experiments of doing bhatanatyam on hindustani music also.
It is ver important as a dancer to know atleast the basic structure of carnatic music. I have gien very information in my website. To know more, please click here

Hand Gestures in BharatNatyam

Mudras or the hand gestures in BharatNatyam help in conveying and expressing the emotions. In simple terms, they are like the ABC's of a language. Just as we initially learn the alphabets, then the small words and their meanings, then sentences and finally stories. Similarly we "Abhinaya Darpanam" by Nandikeshwara gives us the basic hand gestures and their meanings, varoius eye, head, neck movements, different leg positions and movements, different gaits, etc.

Following are the shlokas of single and combined hand gestures with meanings and their "
viniyoga", that is their uses.
Single Hand Gestures or the Asamyukta Hastas
Single hand Gesture Vinyoga (Uses)
Combined Hand Gestures - Samyuta Hasta
Samyuta Hasta Viniyogam (Uses)

Like these , the dancers is taught many more shlokas and gestures which come under the Angika Abhinaya through which the dancer expresses herself. For more notes on Angika abhinaya , please visit my website